Solihull Chess Club Fixture Card 2019/20

Date 2019/20 BDCL Div One BDCL Div Two BDCL Div Three BDCL Div Four BDCL Div Five BDCL Div Six BDCL Minor Div - Solihull A BDCL Minor Div - Solihull B LDCL Div One - Solihull A LDCL Div One - Solihull B LDCL Div Three - Solihull C LDCL Div Three - Solihull D LDCL Div Four - Solihull E LDCL Div Four - Solihull F LDCL Div Four - Solihull G
Wed 04 Sep  Shirley & Wythall 5½-½ (H) Solihull B 2-1 (H) Solihull A 2-1 (A) Solihull F 1-2 (H) Solihull E 1-2 (A)
Thu 05 Sep  Walsall Kipping 3½-2½ (A)
Mon 09 Sep  St Georges 3-1 (A)
Wed 11 Sep  Westminster 6-0 (H) Sutton Coldfield 2-4 (H) Solihull B 1½-1½ (A) Solihull A 1½-1½ (H) Solihull B ½-3½ (A) Solihull A ½-3½ (H)
Mon 16 Sep  Rugby A 2½-1½ (A)
Wed 18 Sep  Mercia 2-4 (H) Walsall Kipping 2-2 (H)
Thu 19 Sep  Shirley & Wythall 1½-4½ (A)
Mon 23 Sep  Kenilworth A 3-1 (A)
Tue 24 Sep  Halesowen 2½-3½ (A) Olton 2-4 (A)
Wed 25 Sep  Westminster 3-0 (H) Solihull D (H) Solihull C (A) Solihull G ½-2½ (A) Coventry A 2-1 (H) Solihull E ½-2½ (H)
Tue 01 Oct  Leamington C 1-2 (A)
Wed 02 Oct  Daventry B 1½-1½ (H)
Mon 07 Oct  South Birmingham B 4½-1½ (A)
Wed 09 Oct  Mutual Circle 2-4 (H) South Birmingham 4-2 (A) Olton A 2-2 (H) Banbury E 2½-½ (H) Daventry B (A) Stratford C ½-2½ (H)
Mon 14 Oct  Shirley A 1-3 (A) Coventry A (A)
Tue 15 Oct  Stratford B 2-2 (A)
Wed 16 Oct  South Birmingham A 4-2 (H) Mutual Circle 2½-½ (H) Solihull G 2-1 (H) Solihull F 2-1 (A)
Thu 17 Oct  Banbury D 1½-2½ (A) Banbury E (A)
Mon 21 Oct  West Bromwich 4-1 (A) Ward End Social 1½-2½ (A)
Wed 23 Oct  South Birmingham C 3-3 (H) Shirley & Wythall 4-2 (H) Kenilworth B 2-2 (H) Rugby B (H) Daventry B (H) Banbury E ½-2½ (H)
Mon 28 Oct  Sutton Coldfield 0-3 (A)
Wed 30 Oct  Mutual Circle 2½-3½ (H) Kynoch A 2-2 (H) Banbury D 1½-2½ (H)
Mon 04 Nov  Rushall 4-2 (A) Kynoch B 2-2 (A) Kenilworth B 1-3 (A) Shirley D 2-2 (A) Stratford C ½-2½ (H)
Tue 05 Nov  Olton C 1-3 (A) Stratford D 2-1 (A)
Wed 06 Nov  Coleshill 6-0 (A) Banbury A ½-3½ (H) Leamington C 1½-1½ (H)
Thu 07 Nov  Shirley & Wythall 4½-1½ (A)
Tue 12 Nov  Mutual Circle 1½-4½ (A)
Wed 13 Nov  Bushbury 4-2 (H) Ward End Social 2½-½ (H) Sutton Coldfield 2-1 (H)
Wed 20 Nov  Shirley A 1-3 (H) Rugby A 1-3 (H) Leamington B 2-2 (H) Solihull G ½-2½ (A) Solihull F ½-2½ (H)
Thu 21 Nov  Lichfield 2-4 (A)
Mon 25 Nov  Rugby B (A) Kenilworth D 0-3 (A) Coventry A 1½-1½ (A)
Tue 26 Nov  Stratford C (A)
Wed 27 Nov  Lichfield 3-3 (H) Sutton Coldfield 2-4 (H) Greenlands B 1½-2½ (H) Shirley D 2½-1½ (H)
Thu 28 Nov  Banbury A 3½-½ (A)
Tue 03 Dec  Olton (A) Stratford D (A) Leamington C (A)
Wed 04 Dec  Westminster (A)
Mon 09 Dec  South Birmingham B (A) Kenilworth D (A)
Tue 10 Dec  University of Birmingham (A) Halesowen (A)
Wed 11 Dec  Solihull D (H) Solihull C (A) Solihull G (H) Solihull E (A)
Thu 12 Dec  Walsall Kipping (A)
Mon 16 Dec  Shirley C (A)
Tue 17 Dec  Greenlands A (A) Olton A (A)
Wed 18 Dec  Ward End Social (H) Olton C (H) Stratford D (H)
Tue 07 Jan  Leamington B (A)
Wed 08 Jan  Warley Quinborne (H) South Birmingham A (H) Redditch (H) Westminster (A)
Wed 15 Jan  Oscott (H) West Midlands Police (H) Solihull B (H) Solihull A (A)
Thu 16 Jan  Wolverhampton (A)
Mon 20 Jan  Rugby A (A) Shirley C (A)
Tue 21 Jan  Mutual Circle (A) Stratford B (A)
Wed 22 Jan  Mercia (H) Bushbury (A) Banbury A (H)
Mon 27 Jan  Rushall (A) Kenilworth A (A)
Tue 28 Jan  Redditch (A)
Wed 29 Jan  South Birmingham (H) Stratford B (H) Stratford D (H)
Mon 03 Feb  Stourbridge (A) Kenilworth B (A)
Wed 05 Feb  Wolverhampton (H) Oscott (H) Sutton Coldfield (H) Westminster (H) Rugby B (H)
Mon 10 Feb  Ward End Social (A)
Tue 11 Feb  Stratford D (A)
Wed 12 Feb  Halesowen (H) Coleshill B (H) Kenilworth B (H) Shirley C (H) Coventry A (H)
Mon 17 Feb  Ward End Social (A) Rugby B (A)
Tue 18 Feb  Olton C (A)
Wed 19 Feb  Halesowen (H) Lichfield (H) Westminster (A) Shirley A (H) Kenilworth D (H)
Mon 24 Feb  Sutton Coldfield (A)
Tue 25 Feb  Olton (A)
Wed 26 Feb  Sutton Coldfield (H) Solihull F (A) Solihull E (H) Leamington C (H)
Mon 02 Mar  Kenilworth D (A)
Tue 03 Mar  Greenlands (A) Olton A (A)
Wed 04 Mar  Redditch (H) Warley Quinborne (H) Kenilworth A (H) Coventry A (H)
Wed 11 Mar  Oscott (H) Coleshill A (A)
Tue 17 Mar  Leamington C (A)
Wed 18 Mar  Olton (H) Kynoch (H) Mutual Circle (H) Rugby A (H) Daventry B (A)
Thu 19 Mar  Lichfield (A) Banbury D (A) Banbury E (A)
Mon 23 Mar  Warley Quinborne (A) Shirley A (A)
Tue 24 Mar  Stratford C (A)
Wed 25 Mar  Stourbridge (A) University of Birmingham (H) Leamington B (H) Daventry B (H)
Thu 26 Mar  Banbury A (A) Banbury E (A)
Mon 30 Mar  Coventry A (A)
Wed 01 Apr  Olton C (H) Shirley D (H) Kenilworth D (H) Daventry B (A)
Mon 06 Apr  Sutton Coldfield (A)
Tue 07 Apr  Leamington B (A)
Wed 08 Apr  Olton A (H) Shirley C (H) Stratford D (H) Stratford C (H)
Tue 14 Apr  Stratford C (A)
Wed 15 Apr  Kenilworth A (H) Banbury D (H) Kenilworth D (H)
Mon 20 Apr  Shirley D (A)
Tue 21 Apr  Mutual Circle (A)
Wed 22 Apr  Stratford B (H) Leamington C (H) Banbury E (H)