Date 2019/20 BDCL Div Four - Mercia B Comments
Tue 10 Sep  Mercia B vs Stourbridge New date was confirmed by STO
Wed 18 Sep  Solihull vs Mercia B
Mon 28 Oct  Sutton Coldfield vs Mercia B
Tue 12 Nov  Mercia B vs Kynoch
Wed 27 Nov  Oscott vs Mercia B
Thu 05 Dec  Walsall Kipping vs Mercia B
Tue 07 Jan  Mercia B vs South Birmingham
Tue 11 Feb  Mercia B vs Coleshill New date agreed with Coleshill
Thu 13 Feb  Shirley and Wythall vs Mercia B
Tue 10 Mar  Halesowen vs Mercia B
Tue 17 Mar  Mercia B vs Greenlands